Monday, May 11, 2015

The Risk

Ever been afraid to verbalize things God has shared with you, revealed to you, or been whispering to you because of the risk it poses? The risk of being told you're a fanatic. The risk of being told you're crazy. The risk of being told you're conceded. The risk of being abandoned, criticized, abused in some way, or endangering yourself and/or your family. We all come from different backgrounds and different risks... I'm sure one or more of these apply to anyone who is reading this.
I have always felt that way. Ever since I was a child I felt like I was a modern day Joan of Arc, hearing the audible voice of God (and also through dreams and visions) speaking to me throughout my short life. I didn't tell people about it much. He has revealed things to me through dreams and visions that I only shared with people I felt I could trust not to find me absolutely crazy. Now I find myself being shown things in this world that would definitely cause people to call me a fanatic, but I know for sure it isn't fanaticism. I have been extremely careful to keep myself away from things that could desensitize me to serious spiritual awareness (and because I don't need to see horror flicks, my nightmares give me plenty of "entertainment" in that area to feed everyone who thrives on it). Even I have heard some seriously far fetched claims as far as entertainment (movies, music, tv) that just makes me frustrated and want to smack some "Christians" for making it harder on those of us who really have a legitimate warning or understanding in how things are working.
But the question is this, what sort of risk is our silence causing? Is the risk that we are taking to stay quiet worth it? What is our fear that silences us doing to our spiritual life?