Saturday, January 26, 2013

A New Challenge

I was reading my last post (from 2011) and it didn't make much sense, so I took it down. I think I will read over it and maybe revise it and repost it later. It's one of those "it has potential if its tweaked just right".

So on to this new challenge... Blogging and writing used to be a passion of mine but I had been trampled on a lot by people so I started building walls and closing myself in. I never wanted to share what The Lord had said, done or showed me because of the way I was treated. But that's not the way things work. You can't grow and you can't make an impact if you isolate yourself because of the way others treat you. You can't let your fear of others take over your life and allow yourself to become eaten alive by bitterness. The Lord has challenged me to be vulnerable again. To write. To put myself out on a page so people can see my flaws, my struggles and my undying fighting faith. I've known since I was a child I was different, that God had made me to stand out... But with that comes great responsibility and that responsibility, that burden on my heart to bring hope to others... The hope that never sleeps... That never rests... It can not be bottled up, boxed and put away. SO, I shall begin writing my story, sharing my struggles, my storms, my passions, my loves, my life and all the fun things in between. I hope and pray my writings bring hope and encouragement to your lives... That you are not alone. We all walk this journey as flawed people loved by a pure and wonderful Father, the God of all creation who saved us by Grace... His Son Jesus Christ.