Friday, January 29, 2010

The Storm

I look outside
The clouds have turned black
A roar of thunder in the distance
As sheets of rain pummel the ground
Drenched in my pain
And Your grace
I step out into the storm
For shelter awaits
In the midst of the storm
You are calling me
At the risk of being hurt
Over and over again
I will continue to
Step out in faith
That You will always be there to mend
What others have torn apart
Trusting whole heartedly
When I could be ripped to shreds
Never hardening my heart
But letting it bleed before You.

Praise the Lord- Jedidiah

I wrote this poem a little while back. I've learned that no matter what the storm or pain you endure, it is better to feel and be vulnerable than to let my heart harden and to become numb to my feelings so I don't risk being hurt. The world is a beautiful place and I don't want to miss out on any of it. Pain makes us stronger, vulnerability makes us stronger, we live and we learn from each feeling we experience. I wrote this to encourage myself and anyone who reads it to not be afraid of being hurt or letting others see who you really are and to open yourself up to people. Life is lonely when you shut yourself off. Live life like today is your last. Love openly, hate no one, be yourself and enjoy life! Go have an adventure!